Remembering our way, together

Mapping Purpose

Mapping Purpose, LLC is a program management collaborator aiming to facilitate relationships between people and place through historical connection and environmental interaction. Environmental justice, intergenerational communication, and imaginative curriculum comprise the core of this work. Our intention is to nurture individuals’ sense of belonging in community, and encourage their preservation of history to build a prosperous future.

What I Offer

As with anything in life, we will learn as we go. Choose your path!

Curriculum Development

Putting together a program to suit the needs of the operator. What do you want participants to feel? Let’s use history to map our path.

Program Collaboration

If you have a program you’re working on, we’ll help keep your journey on track by putting the right team together and mapping a path towards relevancy in today’s environments. Great for schools, museums and larger organizations.

Team Building

These are activities designed to increase awareness of individuals’ strengths and needs. We set teams on a path for better communication, cooperation and harmony.

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Work With Me

I’m excited to get to know and work with your community! Follow the link below to schedule a consultation for your service of interest.

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